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About Us

Zhejiang Longshenghua Rubber Co,Ltd

Zhejiang Longshenghua Rubber Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 and is strategically situated in the renowned Taizhou Rubber Industrial City, an epicenter for rubber manufacturing excellence. Over the years, the company has grown into a robust enterprise with a dedicated team of 137 employees, including a highly skilled group of seven professional technicians who bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

In 2003, Zhejiang Longshenghua achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the ISO9001 quality management system certification. This certification underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and operational excellence in all its processes.

The company boasts an impressive infrastructure with 12 state-of-the-art conveyor belt production lines, including two specialized steel cord conveyor belt production lines. This advanced setup enables Zhejiang Longshenghua to manufacture a diverse range of conveyor belts, catering to various industrial needs. Their product portfolio includes conveyor belts made from different materials and ordinary flat rubber belts, with widths ranging from 300mm to 2200mm. This versatility ensures that the company can meet the specific requirements of a broad spectrum of industries.

Zhejiang Longshenghua prides itself on its strong technical prowess and comprehensive testing facilities, which ensure that every product delivered is of the highest quality and performance. The stability and reliability of their products have made them a trusted name in the industry.

With a formidable production capacity of 1.6 million square meters, Zhejiang Longshenghua Rubber Co., Ltd. is well-equipped to handle large-scale orders while maintaining prompt and efficient delivery schedules. The company’s ongoing commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction continues to drive its success and growth in the competitive rubber manufacturing sector.

Quality Is Our Core Value

Quality is the most important part during our production. And in order to achieve 100% high quality guarantee, we have a very strict & complete quantity inspection system.

Raw Material Inspection

There are 2 tests. Rubber compound test, which can move die rheometer analyzes thecharacteristics of Rubber Compound; EP fabric test including Tensile strength test and elongation test when broken

Advance Equipment to Guarantee Quality from The Details

Calender process: The rollers calender machine enables simultaneous rubber application on both sides of the fabric, minimizing rubber strength loss during the process; The forming process: The tension during the forming process is evenly distributed among different plies, thereby preventing fabric wrinkling and ensuring a consistent thickness of the belt core

Finished Belts Inspection

The Bluemaxium belt is equipped with a dedicated inspection team responsible for meticulously examining the surface and dimensions of each conveyor belt. In the event that any issues are detected on the belt surface, prompt repairs will be carried out at our factory, and there are 3 inspection including Thickness inspection, Width inspection & Length and surface Inspection

Technical Data Test

Bluemaxium has a testing center authorized by the Rubber Association Center for testing all post-production conveyor belts. The laboratory tests the following characteristics and issues a quality test report: Abrasion test, Tensile strength test, Adhesion test, Test of fatigue failures & Elongation at Break